The Tri County Saints are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality and affordable hockey in a positive environment from Learn-To-Skate through Midget for Mansfield, Easton, Norton, Foxboro, Taunton, Lakeville, Dighton, and surrounding town

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions - check here first to check for an answer.






When are tryouts and do I have to go?




Tryouts for the Saints travel teams are usually in March-April. They will be posted on our website in the Events Calendar. Your child should come to all of the tryouts if possible, if not, then one is acceptable but bear in the mind the more we see your child the better we can evaluate your child’s abilities.
Does everyone make a Travel Team?
            It is possible to make cuts in our Travel Program depending on how many players tryout at each level. We are limited to the number of Travel teams we are allowed to put in a league, which in turn can limit the number of players allowed. At the Mite and Squirt Level, we encourage children who may not be ready for Travel Level hockey to spend another year in Development to get their hockey skills and knowledge up to that level.
How many practices/games a week?
The Develoment program have two to three practices and play scrimages all on weekends. Travel teams have a skills session on Sundays, team practice twice a week (except during high school season) and usually a game on Saturday or Sunday depending on the league schedule.
How do I get a copy of my USA Hockey Registration?
        See the USA Hockey registration webiste ( and request an additional confirmation page.
How do I get notified of practices?
            You can modify your account to get email reminders a day before your practice or games that are scheduled on the web site. Make sure your email address is current, LINKED TO YOUR CHILD's record and ensure that is an email address you allow in your mailbox.
How can I change my email address?
            Log into your account with your old email address and modify your account. If you can’t remember what it is tell your coach or team parent and they can log in through their Manager account and modify addresses of whom is on their team.
Why do we have fundraisers?
            As a non-profit organization, fundraising is part of our yearly budget. We count on fundraising a certain amount each year for the Tri County Saints to help defray the tuition costs for all members.
If I make a donation or sponsor a team can I deduct it?
            Yes, the Tri County Saints is a non-profit 501C3 organization and therefore any donations can be counted towards your tax deduction within the applicable IRS rules.

What is the SAINTS refund Policy?
            Our official policy is that tuition payments made are not refundable.  We will consider extenuating circumstances on a case by case basis but we build our teams and make commitments to our conference based on commitments made by players to our program.  Any refund requests should be directed to the Registrar who will forward them to the Board of Directors.  All decisions made by the Board are final.  Please use the contact information found on the website.
How can I get in touch with my team?
            If you are a Coach or Manager you should have a Manager log in that was given to you at the beginning of the year. If you can’t remember it, contact the web manager. You can log in through the ADMIN tab and go to your team page. You will see a link that says “email team”. You can also post bulletins to your page and email those. If you are a parent or player, your Team Manager or Coach can give you your Team Password. The Team Password allows you to see the complete roster with contact information. You will see a space to enter your team password at the bottom of the roster information on your team’s page.
Why are there so many kids on a team?
            The perfect number of kids on a team is 17, with 15 skaters and 2 goalies. This ensures three lines of players, although there are many times when not all players are present at every game. We also have this many kids on a team because it is fiscally sound to do so to keep costs down for individual players. This being said, we can allow a slight variation, up or down, from this amount depending on number of players at each level.
What is buzzer hockey?
            Buzzer Hockey is what our Mite Teams play. Every 2 minutes the buzzer rings and a new line comes out onto the ice for a face off. This allows the coaches to match their big lines and little lines up against each other for a fair game.
What does the Board do?

            The Board is the administrative part of Tri County Saints. We are all parents of players who want to see all of the players at every level enjoy their hockey experience each year. Our goal is to see the program improve over time, while providing an affordable hockey program, for Mites through Midgets. The Board sets policy, budget, and tryouts as well as dictating what direction the program will be taking in the future. If you have an interest in the future of the program, all members are welcome at any Board Meeting, and we encourage you to be a part of the Board.






Why aren’t the Board Meeting Minutes online for all to see?


            The minutes are not posted publicly because we deal with a lot of private information and personal situations during meetings and feel it would by unjust of us to post that information publicly. If you are interested in what happens at a Board meeting, all members are welcome at any of our meetings.
What is a Hockey Year?
Hockey is a full commitment for our Travel members from late August through April. House teams start practices in September and divide into teams in October and start games in November and play through April.