The Tri County Saints are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality and affordable hockey in a positive environment from Learn-To-Skate through Midget for Mansfield, Easton, Norton, Foxboro, Taunton, Lakeville, Dighton, and surrounding town

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Minutes - Tri- County Saints Board Meeting
Attendance: Mike Heath, Vincent Cerce, Tony Dattero, Frank Robles, Charlie Capone, Jason Ricker, Dave Shanteler, Ken Southworth, , Lisa Pearce, Rob Truex, Jamie McKenna
Meeting opened at 7:10 PM.
  1. Coaches that have requested money back for getting certification. Tony made motion to approve all requests, Mike seconded it and it passed 13 to 0.
  2. House report. 26 total skaters with 4 new skaters. One skater is at Pee Wee level and will be moved up as a practice player at a cost of $300 for practice only and $400 if he does skills too. Mike will send e-mail to the parents. Also added 4 new learn to skate kids.
  3. Registrations and Payments:
    1. Midgets: The Midgets that have not paid will be sent an e-mail that says you owe this much money and that if you have siblings they will not be allowed to skate after a week after the e-mail.
      1. Those Midgets that do not have siblings and still didn’t paid will have a letter sent that says that Tri-County will notify USA hockey and the skater will not be allowed to register with USA hockey until they pay us.
    2. House: Ken will send an e-mail to the House parents that have not paid with a reminder to pay.
    3. Greg will need to address a payment concern with a Pee Wee that bounced the tryout fee and has made no other payments. Lisa will notify Greg of the specifics.
    4. General e-mail if you haven’t paid it is past due. Lisa will send Vinny an e-mail after the 15th of those still past due. He will send an e-mail to each parent with the discussion of taking the skater off the ice.
  4. District 5 – Issues regarding CORI list. Lisa will cross out those that are no longer involved and will send to the district 5 folks.
    1. Playdowns: Need to send them any changes to the rosters.
    2. Need to get all signed rosters in. Tony will remind coaches to get them in or USA hockey won’t let them skate. Two rosters need to be sent in.
  5. Carnival: January 25th will be the carnival during the skills slot. Frank made a motion, Vinny seconded it and all were in favor.
  6. Schedule:
    1. Any unassigned 8:00 PM Sunday night ice will be sold. Frank made a motion, Tony seconded it and it all were in favor.
    2. Discussion of the issues regarding the schedule and why it has not been posted as promised. Need to allow the ice scheduler to do his job. Any ice that is open will be listed as “contact Capone” and coaches can contact him to reserve it.
Tryout and Next Year:
  1. Need to determine tryout schedule by next meeting. Tony will determine the date by that time. Will post the schedule after the next meeting so that second year squirts can go to checking clinics.  
  2. Discussion of a U12  and U10 girls only team next year. By the next meeting Lisa will get a list of the girls that are possible skaters. Vinny will send an e-mail out requesting that people respond if they are interested.
  3. Discussion of the idea of moving some teams to other leagues. Tony will contact some of the other leagues. Cape Cod may take some of our teams. Greater Boston already said that they wanted all of our teams or nothing.
  4. Lisa raised the idea of creating some "select teams" to compete at a higher level. Mike and Ken will speak to some of the folks already involved with these types of teams and report back at the next meeting. 
Meeting Adjourned 8:30 PM

Minutes - Tri- County Saints Board Meeting
Attendance: Mike Heath, Vincent Cerce, Tony Dattero, Frank Robles, Charlie Capone, Jason Ricker, Dave Shanteler, Ken Southworth, Jamie McKenna, Lisa Pearce, John Oakley, Rob Truax, Gary Young
Meeting opened at 7:10 PM.
  1. Discussion of Refunds. The amount of season that a player has to play before he can get a refund. Ken suggested that we get an insurance policy next year. Jason and Dave wanted to set up a pro-rated policy to refund money up to a certain point in the season.
    1. A motion was made by Frank and Vinny seconded it. The motion was  that “Any player that has a season ending injury with a doctor’s note is entitled to a prorated credit to the next season if the injury occurred in a Tri-County Saints practice or game before November 1st. (Passed: 7 for and 3 against).
    2. The four outstanding injury requests will be based on the above policy. Letters will go out this week to the effective parents.
  2. Bantam player is requesting to join the Bantam B team.
    1. The tuition will be based on the number of games remaining and will be set at $600. Mike made a motion. Tony seconded it and it passed unanimously.                                            
  1. Current Tuition Payments
    1. Lisa will send Mike a list of parents that have not made their second payments to this point.
    2. Vinny will send an e-mail that reminds parents that their second and final payments are due by December 1st. It will include what a goalies need to pay under the new tuition rate.
    3. Mike is trying to get the checks processed quickly.
  2. Schedule
    1. Discussion of why NVL has so many weeks off. Told that NVL will set schedule on the leagues needs.
    2. Discussion of how the 6 AM practice should rotated through the league and not just the House Program.   
    3. Practice schedule was discussed and if it is possible to get a wish list of days for coaches. The idea being that we could get as close to set nights as possible. Tony will e-mail the coaches this week.
    4. Charlie will send an e-mail to Greg to set up a scheduling meeting. Tony will get the coaches requests to Charlie before that time.
    5. Two more weeks of Lovell skills. Tony needs to send out an e-mail notice informing coaches that they may soon have Sunday afternoon or evening practices.
  3. Next Year
    1. Discussion of how to improve and increase the House Program next year. This included a “first month free” program, a better marketing plan and a grant through USA hockey.
    2. The development of a “girls team” for next year.
    3. Tony will be exploring other leagues and Frank will look into what the Cape League will do next year.
    4. Discussion of trying to come up with a credit card payment system through paypal or some other system.
Meeting Adjourned 9:01 PM


Minutes - Tri- County Saints Board Meeting
Attendance: Greg Arnold,  Mike Heath, Vincent Cerce, Tony Dattero, Frank Robles, Charlie Capone, Jason Ricker, Dave Shanteler, Ken Southworth, Jamie McKenna, Lisa Pearce, John Oakley
Meeting opened at 7:12 PM.
  1. Tuition and Registration Issues
    1. Midget Tuition Status - 30 midgets have not paid as of this time. Mike will check into which kids need to pay. An e-mail reminder went to all midgets to send in their final payment or they will not be allowed on the ice. Two midgets have not paid at all.
    2. Tuition Relief Request Based On Recent Injury
                                                        i.      Midget (Craig Woodward) requested a refund due to injury. Motion was made by Rob to deny the request, Charlie second it and the vote was unanimous.
  1. Pee Wee (Nick McMann) asked for a discount or payment plan due to medical hardship related to father’s injury. Discussed what will happen if we lose the kid. Discussed $150 by 15th of each month and balanced due April 15th. If payment is not due at the end of the month, he will not be allowed on the ice. Rob made a motion for the above plan and Tony seconded it. Vote unanimous.
  2. Midget B (Sean Carter), he was seriously injured and had a rod placed in his arm. Board felt that this was same issue as the Woodward case. Rob made a motion to deny, Tony seconded it and it passed unanimously.
  3. Tri County was presented with legal papers suing TCS in small claims court. Greg stated that TCS should send in pre-trial paperwork. The issue was that he wanted a refund, because he wanted a “mite re-evaluation” and TCS didn’t give one. Rob will attend if he can.
  4. Tuition for “practice players”
                                                        i.      Christine Moyer (wants to start in November) – Bantam B
                                                      ii.      Bryan Frattes – Bantam, but not a game player.
1.      Discussion of how much to charge them and when to have it due. Rob suggested $300 for practice and $100 skills.
                                                    iii.      Mike Davidson – 2nd year pee wee. He is on the Trado B team and the coaches felt he should be a practice player. They suggested this to the parent.
  1. Fund Raising Update
    1. Winter Carnival - Need to pick a date and a time. Frank wants to have some contests. Change the chuck a puck as well. Will do the baskets again. Greg will send Frank an e-mail about possible date.
    2. Bruins Alumni Game- They can do everything and cut TCS a check.
    3. Parent’s Night Out – Use the Stoneforge and perhaps do it around St. Patrick’s Day.
    4. “Boston Hockey History Book” – Order 100 books on consignment.
    5. TV Raffle Update ($3,700 profit)
    6. Picture Status – Discussion regarding whether to do Sat or Sun. Requested that the company come and do the Sat for Learn to Play and Sun do House and all of the skills. Frank will check with the company and notify Greg. He will put it in the schedule and Vinny will send an e-mail.
  1. House Update
    1. Referee/Timekeeper Payments: This will be done monthly. Ken will contact Mike with schedule.
    2. SWS – Mike will get a contact for them to Ken.
    3. 22 total kids and 3 equal teams. There are 6 older kids.
    4. Providence Bruins Night
  1. Tournament Updates
    1. Snowflake Tournament
    2. Other Local Tournament
  1. NVL Update
    1. Tournament in Walpole over Christmas.
  1. At the District 5 meeting it was noted that the Cape Cod League is going try and get going again. This is going to have an impact on Tri County. Cape Cod may have a C level and the board needs to think about whether TCS should consider sending a team there.
  1. Massachusetts Hockey Medical Waiver Program
  1. CORI Collection Guideline. Vinny gave materials to Lisa.
  1. Department-by-Department Summary/Update
Meeting Adjourned 9:01 PM


Minutes - Tri- County Saints Board Meeting
Attendance: Greg Arnold,  Mike Heath, Vincent Cerce, Lisa Pearce, Tony Dattero, Frank Robles, Jamie McKenna, Charlie Capone, Jason Ricker, Dave Shanteler, Eileen Carey
Meeting opened at 7:12 PM.
  1. Providence Bruins Presentation
    1. Pre-Game Skate ($15)
    2. Post Game Skate ($15)
    3. Runway Program ($12)
  1. Refund Request
    1. Mite – Told by Steve Folan that Mite’s were going have a re-tryout.
                                                              i.      Tony made a motion to deny. Charlie seconded. (Passed Unanimously)
  1. Two Pee Wee requests. First player was from Westport and he had a ride, but his ride left and he decided to no longer play hockey. The second one the parents felt he was a A player and he graded as a C player. They left the program. Charlie made a motion to deny the second request, Tony seconded. (Passed Unanimously). Lisa made a motion to give $275 back to the first family. Jamie seconded. (Passed Unanimously).
  1. District 5 Meeting
    1. Hockey Books Fundraiser - $20 a book and TCS gets $12.
    2. Coaches need to be patched by December 31st. May be opening new sessions in Brockton and Franklin.
    3. Need to know about playdowns for Pee Wee/Squirt A teams. Jamie and Greg will let the board know.
  1. Skill Sessions
    1. Started yesterday. Good turn out. Lovell will go for 16 weeks. Will fit in some Getchell checking clinics in as well. Getchell will work with the mites and squirts on using your body.
    2. There are four teams per clinic.
    3. Goalie Clinic – 9 goalies showed up for the first session. Need more shooters to help out.
  2. Fund Raising
    1. Frank discussed a number of fund raising ideas. We had a “grow hockey” program, a photographer that will give back 10% of any pictures bought at the games and other things.
  3. House League
    1. Only 21 players have signed up for House. Discussed ways of increasing numbers.
    2. Discussed request of a 12 year old to join House Program. Greg will contact parent to determine if the child is appropriate.
  4. Team Placement/League Change
    1. Tony raised the issue of whether we could move the A teams to other leagues. Greg suggested that the Board look into different leagues. He reminded the board that the “whole” membership would have to vote on any change of leagues. Also discussed whether TCS should look at moving the lower teams to a different league.
    2. Discussed the need to revamp how the skaters are evaluated and how parents are notified.
  5. Budget
    1. Based on current numbers
                                                              i.      30 House (21 actual)
                                                            ii.      30 Learn to Skate/Play
                                                          iii.      32 Mite
                                                          iv.      52 Squirt
                                                            v.      57 Pee Wee
                                                          vi.      25 Bantam
                                                        vii.      57 Midget
                                                      viii.      17 Goalies
                                                          ix.      35 Sibling Discounts
  1. This leaves TCS a (- $31,000). Ice Costs went up $23,000 
  2. Discussed ways of cutting costs including selling ice and fund raising.
  3. Mike made a motion to set the tuition at the following:
                                                              i.      Learn to skate would go to $450
                                                            ii.      House $875
                                                          iii.      Travel $ 1,350
                                                          iv.      Midgets $595
Frank seconded it. (Passed Unanimously).
9. Lisa requested that her $400 be applied to next year if her sone decides to play. She will continue to be on the Board. Frank made the motion to allow this plan. (8 approved, 1 abstention)
Meeting Adjourned 8:45 PM

Minutes - Tri- County Saints Board Meeting
Attendance: Greg Arnold,  Gary Young, Rob Truax, Mike Heath, Vincent Cerce, Lisa Pearce, Tony Dattero, Frank Robles, Kenneth Southworth, Jamie McKenna, Charlie Capone, Jason Ricker, Dave Shanteler, Rick Palin, Bob Taldeau, Eileen Caret
Meeting opened at 7:15 PM.
1)      Fund Raising:
a.       Captive Image has a two year contract. Will review pictures again next year.
b.      Frank will contact them about time frame. Usually done in October after the House Teams are set.
c.       Frank has all of the materials for new first aid kits. These were donated. Will contact Jamie about getting boxes to put the materials in.
d.      Bruins Alumni – Frank is looking into it and will get back to the Board.
e.       Frank is looking into a “Dive In” fund raiser.
f.        $5,000 is in the current budget for fund raising.
2)      NVL Meeting
a.       Price Increase $3,900 per team.
b.      Games begin September 6th and 7th.
c.       No Practice Games
d.      Realignment October 6 th.
e.       After October 6th he is going to set the schedule for the whole year. He wants the coaches to let him know of any tournaments by October 6th. Greg and Tony will send the request forms for schedule changes to the coaches.
f.        The Vineyard is trying to get some teams to come over to play an NVL game.
g.       Spitfires will be playing and there will be NO checking. Ken and Jamie questioned whether this was a fair rule for the boys.
h.       Mites = A (5 teams), B (5 teams)
i.         Squirts = A (6 teams), B1 (9 teams) and B2 (4 teams).
j.        Pee Wees = A ( 6 teams), B1 (14 teams)
k.      Bantams = A (6 teams), B (7 teams)
l.         Midgets = A (8 teams), B (9 teams)
3)      Pee Wee Reclassification:
a.       It is unclear how the team skill levels are going to play out at the NVL. Tony, Greg and Rob talked about how to divide the kids that are playing at the B and C level. Discussion of 3 equal Bs or 2 equal Bs and 1 C. Discussion of the experience last year in terms of skating and checking and how it impacted the teams.  Concern is that if Tri-County splits into 3 equal B teams, Tri-County will have 3 weak teams. Mark Pason made comments that as a parent he would like to see 2 B teams that are competitive. Discussion of the different concerns that parents might have regarding the different reclassifications.
b.      Currently have 23 assigned players.
c.       Frank makes the motion to go for two even A and two even B. Mike seconded the motion. Rob made the argument that the A has been notified of their coach. (9 VOTED IN FAVOR – 3 OPPOSED AND 1 ABSTAINED).
d.      Rob will notify NVL of the 2 even A and B. Rob will ask that the two As and Bs play each other the first few weeks.
e.       Reclassification will occur after Labor Day, but there will no longer be independent evaluators.
f.        Greg will send out an e-mail by Friday to notify the Pee Wee parents of the final situation.
4)      Coaching:
a.        Need coaches at different levels. Tony and Greg are working on it.
5)      CORI Forms: Lisa has everything set.
6)      District 5 Meetings:
a.       Jamie will take the September 11th.
b.      State Play Downs – Tony will ask the coaches if they want to play in the state play downs.
7)      Ice Schedule Issue:
a.       Ice is all set and ready.
b.      Gloria asked if TCS will give up 3 hours of ice time in December for North Attleboro HS. They will give the money back to TCS. Charlie motioned and Mike seconded that we give them the time. (11 VOTED IN FAVOR – 2 OPPOSED).
8)      Registrations:
a.       Discussion of adding a squirt. Lisa has to look into 2 squirts that have not paid. Discussed a situation where a family owes money from last year. Parent was given a payment plan, but didn’t demonstrate good faith. There are a number of families in the same situation. Rob made a motion that the all families will receive a letter that they need to pay the remaining balance by September 6, 2008. Ken seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.
b.      Midget parent asked for a refund because they are having him play in another league. Jamie made the motion to deny the refund, Mike second and it passed unanimously.
c.       Discussed a fair way to look at hardship cases.
d.      House and Learn to Skate did see a slight increase in registration after press release to 18 different local newspapers. 12 kids in the House at this time.
e.       A motion was made to add an additional squirt player by Lisa and Tony seconded it. It passed unanimously.
9)      Budget
a.       Mike reviewed the budget and a discussion about looking carefully at the bills was held. He will come back to the Board at the next meeting. Will discuss tuition at that time.
10)  Goalie Clinic:
a.       Frank has offered to run a goalie clinic.
Meeting Adjourned 9:00 PM

Meeting Attendance:
-          Greg Arnold, Gary Young, Lisa Pearce, Tony Dattero, Frank Robles, Kenneth Southworth, Jamie McKenna, Charlie Capone, Jason Ricker, Vincent Cerce
Meeting Openedat 7:15 PM
House Update:
-          Ken discussed issues related to the House league.
o       Only 10 players are signed up at this time. Secretary will develop and send press releases to local newspapers about House League and the Learn to Skate Program.
o       An 11 year old has requested to play in the House League this year. Board agreed that given the youngsters personal situation to suspend the 10 year old age limitation
-          Lisa reported that all refunds have been processed.
-          2 new registrations have been completed on-line (Bantam and Pee Wee)
-          There are a total of 56 skaters and 5 goalies at the Pee Wee Level.
Pee Wee Re-Classification:
-          Discussion was held on the August Pee Wee re-classification. At this time NVL as not communicated what the Pee Wee league will look like. Greg will speak to the NVL and have that answer before the next Board Meeting
-          Tony discussed his ideas for the re-classification schedule and will send the official proposal via e-mail to all board members before the August meeting.
-          Frank raised the idea of using completing independent evaluators for the August Pee Wee re-classification tryouts. After some discussion Frank made a motion on this manner and it was seconded by Greg. Vote passed unanimously.
Unpaid Bills:
-          Lisa noted that there were four families that still had outstanding accounts of over $600. Discussion was held concerning how to collect the money. It was suggested that Greg send a letter informing each family that they had to either pay in full by the August board meeting or to petition the board for a hardship scholarship.
Fund Raising:
-          Frank reviewed a number of efforts he has begun. He is currently working on getting bids for the team photos from a number of local photographers. The board gave him permission to go with the best deal for the parents and the league. Frank is also working on a “Pig Roast” fund raising day at the VHW in Foxboro. He purposed either 9/20 or 9/27 as the date. He will bring the final numbers to the next board meeting.
Board Meeting Schedule:
-          Discussion about changing the date and time of the board meeting was held. Lisa made a motion to move the board meetings to the third Monday of every month at 7:00 PM. It was seconded by Greg. Vote passed unanimously.
Equipment Updates:
-         Jamie received 3 different bids for practice shirts at about $14 a piece. Frank is going to a trade show this weekend and will contact Jamie if he finds a better price.
Vinny made a motion to close the meeting. Tony seconded. Meeting closed unanimously at 9:01 PM.
Minutes - Tri- County Saints Board Meeting
Attendance: Greg Arnold, Rob Truax, Mike Heath, Vincent Cerce, Lisa Pearce, Tony Dattero, Frank Robles, Kenneth Southworth, Jamie McKenna, Charlie Capone, Jason Ricker, Dave Shanteler.
Meeting opened at 7:15 PM.
1)      Greg Paraiso – Resigning from the board as tournament director
2)      Refunds:
a.       Lisa will get the list of folks that requested before 6/1/08 to Mike for refunds.
b.      Jason made a motion to refund the full $275 for each of the Paraiso children due to family moving to Hawaii. Tony seconded and motion passed unanimously.
3)      Travel Team Placements
a.       56 Pee Wee Skaters with possibly two skaters coming from somewhere else.
b.      NVL – 17 Pee Wee Teams (4 of them Tri-County). NVL will have three divisions. 
c.       Discussion of what happened last year in terms of league issues and why things were not competitive. Also issues with 30 kids that have not been put on a B or C team.
d.      Discussion of the two ways to identify B teams and the C team – 1) use the rankings we already have or 2) use the August ice to take a second look.
e.       Jason made a motion to take the Pee Wee skaters that got the C letter for the purpose of identifying the 16 to 18 kids who will be eligible for placement at the B level. Tony seconded the motion. It passed unanimously.
f.       There was a discussion of who should do the evaluation in August of this group and it was suggested that all evaluators have no connection to any of the skaters or coaches. Will be finalized at the next meeting.
g.      Rob made a motion to offer Jim Short a Pee Wee B team head coaching position. Jamie seconded it and the motion passed unanimously.
4)      Newsletter:
a.       Each person has to be responsible for each of their sections and get it to Greg before the next meeting. Would like to have the final version of the newsletter to vote on at the next meeting.
5)      Committees:
a.       Will need to decide on which of the committees that each Board member will be on by the next meeting.
6)      District 5 Meetings
a.       Monthly meetings at the Wareham Elks Club. Board will decide who will go to each meeting in September.
7)      Equipment
a.       Jamie is working on getting all of the missing equipment. Needs e-mails and numbers from Greg to contact the coaches of those teams.
b.      Concerned about having enough shirts for the Pee Wee and Midget Teams.
c.       Need a good set of goalie equipment for the two Mite Teams.
d.      Practice Shirts – Having only 50 total shirts of different sizes and colors.
e.       Need new first aide kits, socks, pucks and water bottles.
8)      Ice Scheduling
a.       Waiting to hear from the rink schedule and what teams we have.
b.      Greg will get an update on the Taunton Ice.
9)      Fund Raising
a.       Frank presented and discussed a number of different ideas about funding raising ideas. He made suggestions about ideas that would require little work or costs to parents. Suggestions can be found in the Saints files.
b.      Greg discussed what to do with budget in terms of fund raising.
c.       Rob wants to explore the idea of businesses giving a donation for company names on shirts or websites.
10) Parent of Pee Wee that has left the program wants to know what happens now if he wants to come back. Board members reviewed the process by which the Pee Wee kids were evaluated.
11) Registration:
            7 – House – very few returning skaters.
32 - Mites with no goalies.
15 – Squirt A – 2 goalies
14 – Squirt B – 1 goalie
14 – Squirt C – 2 goalies
14 – Pee Wee A - goalie
11 – Pee Wee B - goalie
29 – Pee Wee - 3 goalies
22 – Bantums – 2 goalies
60 - 4 Midget teams
Meeting Adjourned 9:00 PM
Tri County Saints
Annual Meeting
May 7, 2008
Open Meeting at 7:11pm
  1. Greg thanks all the Board this year for all hard work and dedication.
  2. Lovell is on Board for 16 weeks of Sundays. Start in September end in March. Taking a break during high school season. Lovell does have a Goalie coach and we will discuss what it takes to get him to our clinic for 1 hour perhaps. Do Mites and then all goalies in first hour or rotate the hour between level.
  3. Midget Tuition needs to be set in August. The new Board should look at the fact that the 4 hours of practice ice are now split among 4 teams and look at the NVL cost, practice shirts and socks and mouth guards.   Midgets should not pay cost of Lovell, but a portion of overhead of organization.
  4. NVL will have count of teams by May 7th. It looks like there will be more teams in the league this year, more variety.
  5. Question about Sunday ice was brought up.
  6. Dave Blakeley discussed the tryout procedure and how evaluations are done. We believe in the evaluation process itself is fair and has a history of being correct. In one year we have weighted a past coach’s eval. by 25%, but it didn’t work back then and was removed from process.
  7. The issue was brought up to go to 2 equal B teams for next year and have 1 C team for Peewee teams. Or 2 equal A and 2 equal B. Perhaps we take a re-look at the peewee level in August. Uncertainties of NVL league placement. Motion made by Marc: If NVL has 3 divisions for 1 A, 2 equal B and 1 C team. Seconded by Melissa, Vote: 10 for, 0, Unanimous passed.
  8. Motion: If 2 divisions 1 A team and 3 equal B, seconded by Dave B. For: 7, 2 against, 1 abstain.
  9. Guidance to parents of all Peewees; A team is not affected and does need to be addressed. B kids are still on a B team. The kids will be skated in August and divide teams and scrimmaged to ensure equal teams. Greg will draft a letter to send to peewee players regarding the situation and the results of Board Meeting.
  10. We know the Board can be better about the evaluation process and we look forward to making documentation and history for the Board.
  11. 15 skaters per team is optimum.
  12. Suggestion for the next meeting: Only A level teams can apply for State playdowns, except at Midget Level.
Meeting Adjourned 9:50pm Mot. Melissa 2nd Dave
Longest running member runs meeting to pick new Board: Leo
President: Greg Arnold, Nom. Bill Clemmey, 2nd Dave Unanimous
Vice President: Gary Young, Greg, Melissa, Unanimous
Secretary: Vincent Cerce, Vinny, Frank, Unanimous
Treasurer: Mike Heath, nom, Greg, Charlie Unanimous
Program Director: Rob Truax Nom. Jim, 2nd Jaime Unanimous
Tournament Director: Greg Paraiso, Charlie, 2nd, Rob
Coaching Coordiator: Tony Greg, Lisa, Unanimous
Equipment Manager: Jaime Mckenna, Nom. Rob, 2nd Lisa, Unanimous
House Director: Ken Southworth, Mike, Rob, Unanimous
Registrar: Lisa Pearce.
Ice Scheduler: Charlie Cappone, Lisa, Jamie, Unanimous
Instructional Director:
Fund Raising Director: Frank Robles, nom. Greg, sec. Charlie Unanimous
Jr. House Director:
Alternate: Jason Ricker
Alternate: Dave Shanteler

Tri County Saints Board Meeting March 19, 2008
Tri County Saints Minutes
April 16, 2008
Meeting Opened @ 7:06pm
  1. Same exact ice as last year per meeting in at FMC. List of hours goes to PO box in summer. We should be switching with Coyle Cassidy for 6 and 7
  2. Monthly list of things to do circulate among board. Everone should add
  3. Refunds: Stampfli for $275, Bruno goalie said he’s not playing with us, Leo will contact with 50% discount Mot. Leo, 2nd Greg. Unanimous. Doherty seeking refund for $400 for next year. Due to donations from Verizon each year. Mot for regular refund of $275 Made by Melissa, 2nd Greg Vote for 6, opp.0 abstain 3. Hoffman refund for $275
  4. Late Bantam registration Nate Barrett, Cam Gallagher, and Jim Blythe will be coming in mail
  5. Medical kits for coaches. 5-6 kits are with Jaime now, probably should have been handed out to coaches. Next year equipment manager shall distribute first aid kits to all coaches. Mass hockey does not mandate neck guards.
  6. Tuition Raffle- Didn’t sell enough only sold 25. We’ll apply to tuition for next year.
  7. Try to push Lovell for 16 weeks leave out Dec and Jan entirely. Book Getchell for first 2 weeks in September. Mot. Melissa 2nd Leo. Vote Unanimous.
  8. Email regarding incident in Taunton. In future we will not name any kids involved in program.
  9. # of teams at each Level Mite 36, squirt 51, peewee 72, Bantam 23
  10. 3 teams squirt, 2 teams mite, 4 or 5 peewee teams, 2 bantam teams, 4 midget
  11. Peewee Davidson – might not be ready to play games
  12. Giani Lombardi and Shane Doherty need to register online. Both peewees. Melissa need to contact them to register.
  13. Blakeley – Head Bantam A Coach
  14. Truax- Bantam B coach
  15. Greg Arnold squirt A coach
  16. Squirt B coach - Rick Palin
  17. Squirt C coach – Sean Martin
  18. Midget A – Dan Mark, Blakeley, Foley, Hall
  19. Mite A – Mike Heath
  20. Mite B – Jason Ricker
  21. Peewee A - Jaime McKenna
  22. Peewee B - Rich Pearce
  23. Postpone peewee c head coach vote
  24. Mite A kids this year (Dattero, Oakley) told they would be considered for moving up to Squirt Level, if a position opens up. 3 kids need to drop out to make room
  25. Meeting adjourned 9:43pm

Meeting opened at 7:08pm
  1. Tryout Format - Mite – skills and 3 on 3, maybe 4 on 4 half ice. All rest scrimmage, no check for scrimmage. Warm up goalies for first 10 minutes.
  2. Estimated numbers Mite 35, squirt 60, peewee 70, bantam 22, midget 50
  3. Coaches meeting – Dave will make schedule, Melissa will post.
  4. Help for registration table needed those nights.
  5. Skills for next year: Lovell – hitting is an option. Proposal for 15 weeks and Getchel for 5 min. We should focus his teachings on what our kids need.
  6. House update: 2 teams in Marthas vineyard. Coach and kids game and round robin. Trophies - $500 allocation
  7. Lisa Stampfli – Ryan just started playing last year. Practice player on Bantam Bs this year. Would like us to pursue a roster waiver for him
  8. Dave Motion for $400 due at tryouts for Midget level with balance to be paid before they step on ice is August. Sec. Rich. Unanimous
  9. Andrade request for $200 refund based on lost ice at rink for her Peewee B team. There is no motion on the floor, therefore the request fails.  Response is that the Ice situation at the rink was an Act of God, and completely out of our control. We regret to inform you that we will not be able to entertain your refund request. Motion to deny Dave, Sharon, Unanimous
  10. Walters request – tough situation from a personal standpoint. But unfortunately, we are unable to entertain your request for a refund. We understand that the situation is tough that your son is unable to make practice as often as you would like him to, but we cannot discount the tuition because it is not considered a hardship case. Motion to deny Dave, Jim Unanimous. You are welcome to submit request for Level 2 and 3 reimbursement.
  11. Heath Request – Raymond and Chad – Request for tuition reduction, based on divorce & monetary situation. Hardship case. We should contact her and decide on payment plan. Make them offer for kids to help at Learn to Skate to work off tuition.  Motion to let kids on ice for tryouts without this year’s balance paid or tryout fee due Sharon, Dave, Unanimous.
  12. Travel Tuition Raffle. Min 50 max 100 $25 per ticket. During tryouts. Record
  13. Carnival  raised $2121.
  14. Sponsorship  - think of rules, for next year. Try to get up and going for next season.
  15. NVL for next year. Unknown status of levels.
  16. NVL mostly 4 team divisions for all levels for playoffs.
  17. Consider picking teams other than A team later.
Meeting Adjourned 8:49pm

2/22/08 Minutes
Attendance: Melissa Campbell, Dave Blakeley, Jim Tierney, Leo Jacques, Henry Roy, Rich Doherty, Rob Truax, Mike Heath, Jaime McKenna, Cerce, Guests
  1. open meeting 7:13pm mot. Dave 2nd Rich
  2. Guest – Ollie Vieten Director of Public Relations (Bay State Hockey & FMC) and NE Future Stars for players looking for a challenge over the summer. In addition to the regular summer offerings of Bay State. Started in Nov. 14 year prof. hockey in Europe. Rick Nado for questions with Development. Skate with the Bruins will continue next year for 8 times this year. Offered table for Bay State Hockey for tryouts at all levels. If we can send out info we could work out discount.
  3. Contacts for FMC Notification – Mike, Melissa and Rich, list made. Will be given to FMC
  4. FMC Credit has been taken by us off our bill for hours that have been missed. Ask FMC for a statement/apology to our parents & program to post on web sites.
  5. Rich didn’t see the change. He apologizes for his mistake. (Bay State Hockey & FMC) We will post an apology from us on web site.
  6. I will post note on web for how to sign up with your cell for text messages.
  7. Ice parity is looking very even we will be at 50-51 practices by March 16.
  8. Full sheets - parity for full sheets. Allocation to teams may not be even due to circumstances due to games on Saturdays and Junior High.
  9. Cuts at Travel level possibility for Mite and Squirt. Push them to House. Travel Roster limit is 17 per travel team.
  10. House - 1 team in Martha’s Vineyard Tournament and SWS to play kids who stay behind. Round Robin at end of year.
  11. Satisfaction survey – Changes made – will be posted online ASAP
  12. $32,800 still owed. Players will not be allowed to play next game until paid in full. Melissa will print letters and hand to coaches.
  13. Frank Robles submitted Stop payment on $800 check. Effective immediately off ice (child and Coach) until a new check is handed to Henry.
  14. Commitment Level of Board has been lackluster this year. We need people to commit the time and effort. What can be done?
  15. Learn to Skate with Steve Folan. Enhance with 3 on 3 for next year. He could come with syllabus for next meeting. Need rep from Saints. Ask Steve to fill role for first few minutes with extra payment perhaps.
  16. Tryout format: 2 nights. March 31 – April 11. Dave will work out schedule and send out.
  17. Skills format next year - Mike Getchel for once a month checking clinic for 3 months. Lovell for 3 weeks for Sept. Oct & Nov. By Thanksgiving Skills are done and Sundays are used for Practices during High School Season.
  18. Offer Getchel for March 16 or 30 for checking clinic for Squirts for 5:30 and 6:30 hours. Leo or Dave will ask if he is available.
  19. Bertangna Goalie Coach – we will get contact info from Ollie for next year for once a month clinic for next year.

Minutes Tri County Saints Board Meeting
January 16, 2008
Attendance: Melissa Campbell, Lisa Pearce, Sharon Hutchinson, Mike Heath, Greg Arnold, Jaime McKenna, John Juliano, Doug Default, Charlie Capone, Marc Schwartz, Leo Jacques, Dave Blakeley, Frank Robles, J (unreadable name)
Motion to open 7:26pm.
  1. Puck order is in, 300 pucks. Will be numbered in advance of Carnival.
  2. Merchandise – Ormseth no one can find the order. We will pass all orders to Pro Shop at Foxboro tonight. We will cash all checks and pay for order in Foxboro, when items come in, in about 2 weeks. Clark has not come in from old store yet.
  3. Carnival – Team baskets Send email to teams again reminding them to call Sharon with basket theme. Carnival is the not the best place for summer/spring sign up for Bay State. Bay state will come to Feb or March meeting to speak to Board.
  4. Tuition – Loomer does she get 25% discount on the lesser of 2 tuitions (midget vs. Mite) Midget paid $565. Tuition discount from $595 will be taken off the final bill.
  5. Tuition – O’Brien – Motion – Offer installment plan of $433 at end of January, February, March made by Henry, 2nd by Rob. 8 yes, 1 abstain.
  6. NVL update – not a lot of changes in realignment. No changes for Mite. Squirt – BarnB down, KPC move up, Brockton C team starting. Peewee - Norwood up to B Franklin down to C. Bantam – Barn B1 up. March 18 meeting for playoffs – round robin format with 4 games Last game is championship or consolation. Tell what teams you think match up well. Feedback is wanted.
  7. Once NVL schedule is out on 17th, we will have practice schedule out for next 4 weeks.
  8. Lost ice has been counted by Leo, and will be charted to check against bill that is sent by FMC. We had 8 hours as of December meeting. We have lost another 8 from this last time in January.
  9. Dimartinis – Tuition reduction based on injury to back during jr high game. It would mean they would pay 1200 for 1 kid and waive last 2 payments for Mark, in effect letting Mark pay $100 for season. Motion Made by Marc, 2nd Henry. Unanimous.
  10. Guests: Frank Robles handed out a sheet of suggestions and or comments to Board. Briefly gone over by Board. Frank talked regarding his letter of suggestions. See attached letter.
  11. Agenda posted before the meeting suggestion.
  12. Can we give Rink contact names to call if there are issues. Non-contact is unacceptable. Letter to come from Board detailing issues with ice problems and delay of notification.
  13. Lisa will send Emails to Greg for all but Bantams (to Dave).
  14. Sponsorship for next year.
15. Idea for scholar athlete to use ice in March – submit most recent report card and have a Mite/Squirt Hour and a Peewee/Bantam Hour for pond hockey and pizza.

Meeting Adjourned 9:07pm, moved by Dave, 2nd by Melissa- Unanimous