The Tri County Saints are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality and affordable hockey in a positive environment from Learn-To-Skate through Midget for Mansfield, Easton, Norton, Foxboro, Taunton, Lakeville, Dighton, and surrounding town

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 Tri County Saints Board Meeting – November 22, 2011

Attendees:  12 attendees (Todd S, Kevin M, Jason R, Bruce L, Dave S, Joe G, Chip M, Marc M, Erik J, John J, Chris B, Gretchen S)
Proposal by Taunton Brewins to Merge Programs – confidential topic
(6) members of the Taunton Brewins, led by Dave Mazzarella, attended our board meeting to propose a merger of the two programs.  The main benefits they cited were the increase in numbers of player which should translate into:

  • more consistent skill levels on teams
  • more options for team,
  • more coaches and
  • more board members to share the workload
They shared some details about their program:

  • 320 kids, 67 coaches (including Midgets)
  • 22 teams (4 Midgets, 6 Bantams, 5 PeeWees, 4 Squirts, 2 Mites, 1 Mite C)
  • ~24 hours of ice each week – Taunton, CDL, Bridgewater
    • 1 game, perhaps 2 practices outside of high school season
    • 1 game, 1 practice during high school season
  • Skills is every other week, Goalie Skills is every other week
They shared some details about their tryouts:

  • Coaches rank players on their team
  • Coaches are assigned to watch games and rank players
  • Players are ranked at tryout with an A,B or C and a 1,2 or 3
  • Begin discussing tryouts in January – need decision by then
The Board felt like this was an important meeting and was pleased to participate in civil conversation with the Brewins.  Various concerns and supporting comments were made:

  • Concern over subjectivity of tryouts
  • Concern over “cultural” difference between the programs
  • Concern that their teams have less ice time than ours – this means our ice time would go down
  • Feelings that we’ve built this program up over the last several years, and we want to continue that growth
  • Concerns about # of kids on teams & number of “C” teams that play in the Yankee Conference
  • Concern about our shared goals for the programs – are they the same?
  • Emotional issues with this merger, including name & identity
  • Positive comments on Dave M – good guy, all about the kids
  • Would this move increase parent satisfaction?
  • Could a bigger House program be a benefit (TB do not have a House program)
Overall, the board wanted to be open-minded and truly consider the offer.  With that in mind, a decision by January is too rushed.   We agreed that we would not make a move for the 2012-13 season but would form a Task Force with the Brewins to investigate further.  We also discussed that we should publish a satisfaction survey to the parents to gage how we’re doing as a program.

  • Inform TB that we’re a no go for the 2012-13 season (Chip)
  • Form a Task Force for further investigation for decision by Oct 1, 2012 (Chip)
  • Publish parent satisfaction survey (Chip)
Sunday Night Skills
Ken’s last session of Skills was Sunday night, so we had to decide what to do with upcoming Skills.  Most of the talk was supportive of Ken, although there was dissent with comments on his soft-spoken nature and lectures and also a suggestion to contract for 4 weeks instead of 8.  In the end, a motion was made and passed to contract Ken for 8 more weeks.
We also discussed going down to 2 hours of Skills on Sundays for all teams.  Marc expressed concern about scheduling 4-5 teams per hour for Skills, but most felt that our attendance at  Skills was not high enough to cause a problem.

  • Communicate with Ken on 8 more weeks (Bruce)
Saints Clothing
At the last board meeting, Mike Perry had volunteered to coordinate the selling of Saints apparel in time for the holidays.  Mike was not able to attend, so we did not have an update.  This is a time-sensitive issue as many parents are anxious to order apparel.  Chip will speak with Mike and then look for a website that we can link for the parents to order apparel.

  • Discuss apparel with Mike Perry (Chip)
  • Find website for apparel orders (Chip)
Games / Practices Updates
The SSC has published the next installment of games.  The new schedules start on Dec 1, and records for all teams (except PWB1, PWB2, Bantams) go to 0-0 now.  This is due to the splitting of the divisions into weak and strong.  (PWB1, PWB2, BAN are not split).
Marc will have the December games on the website by tomorrow.
Marc has posted House games through the end of the season and House practices through January.
Marc has posted next week’s practice schedule and will continue to work on the schedules.
John Joyce has distributed the raffle tickets to all the teams.  Each player has a book with $50 worth of tickets, as opposed to $80 from last year.  John will publish a global email about the raffle tickets.
John will get together with Joe Gordon to discuss the Winter Carnival.

  • Global email on raffle tickets (John)
  • Discuss Winter Carnival with Joe (John)
Next Board Meeting
Chip will float potential dates for next board meeting / Christmas cheer

 Tri County Saints Board Meeting – October 24, 2011
Attendees:  12 attendees (Erik J, Mike P, Todd S, Chip M, John J, Dave S, Kevin Mc, Chris B, Jason R, Marc M, Mark O, Gretchen S)
Winter Carnival – will take place Jan 29th.  John Joyce will run the carnival (with lots of help from volunteers and Joe Gordon)

  • Raffle prizes
    • 1st prize will be large TV
    • Other 2 prizes will be Cam Neely Stick and Bruins tickets (donate or bought, will check with Rullo on donating tickets)
  • Raffle tickets
  • Tickets will be $2 each with books of (6) for $10
  • Incentives will include pizza party for top selling team, choice of $200 off tuition or $100 gift card to Pure hockey for top selling player
  • Goal is to have tickets out to players by Thanksgiving
  • Each player will have (5) books to sell
  • December meeting – will need to have team moms begin getting team baskets together

  • Print raffle tickets and obtain prizes (John J)
  • Add team baskets to agenda for December meeting (Chip)
  • “Save the Date” email to program (Chip)
Eastern Advertising
This company is willing to help us run fundraisers.  The two options mentioned were either 1) telephone campaign (less percentage to program) or 2)  Bruins alumni game with coaches.  The board was hesitant about a telephone campaign due to our experience with the yearbook fundraiser last year, but were willing to consider the game fundraiser.  John will ask Eastern for more details in writing.
Action – Ask Eastern to provide details in writing (John J)
Direct Mailings – John has mailed ~300 direct mailings asking for donations and has received some items already.
Saints Apparel
Mike Perry has volunteered to run this project and has received quotes from End of the Road T’s which he brought to the meeting.  Jason will provide contact info on PopTop Sports as an alternate option.  The plan is to order some amount of clothing and sell it at the rink during practices / games / skills.  Hours that the clothing will be sold at the rink will be posted on the website.  Some of the more expensive items (jackets, etc) will be special order.  We will make a little money on this project, but the point is more to have the clothing available to the TCS families and to get our program’s name out to the public.  We agreed on gray as the color for the t-shirts and black as the color for everything else.  Mike will also buy printed pucks and mini sticks.  Any of these leftover can be sold at the Winter Carnival.

  • Provide PopTop contact info to Mike P (Jason)
  • Decide on and place initial orders (Mike P)
  • Coordinate selling hours / post on website (Mike P)
  • Email to the program on availability of clothing (Chip)
Joe Gordon is coordinating the pictures.  The picture weekend is Nov 19-20, and pictures will be scheduled around practices / games when possible.  Gretchen brought the picture envelopes / mouth guards for anyone that has not received them yet.

  • Publish picture schedule when available (Joe G)
House League Update
The House League is going great!  The kids will be split into (6) teams of 11-12 players per team, and games (full ice) will start in the next couple weeks.  Todd has provided additional goalie equipment and jerseys for the teams, and we will utilize one additional hour of ice at CDL for House.  Chip will provide team rosters to Kevin, so Kevin can start chasing House tuition.

  • House team breakouts to Kevin (Chip)
Financial Report
Mark provided the balance sheet for the league.  (This is proprietary information!  Please do not distribute!)  The sheet predicts ~$13,000 surplus at the end of the year without including fundraising other than $6000 from the Carnival.  Based on other factors, Mark estimates a conservative surplus of ~$8000.  Details of the incomes / expenses was also provided, so please review and let know Mark if you have questions.
Multi Player Discounts
After reviewing the financial report, we were able to discuss multi-player discounts.  We currently have a discount for multi players in Travel ($300 off the tuition of $1450 for the second+ children in the Travel program).  A motion was proposed and seconded to extend this discount to House players but not Midget or LTS/LTP.  Two options were presented for the House discount - $200 or $100.  The vote was (6) for $200, (4) for $100 and (2) abstaining.  This will affect ~20 kids and will take ~$4000 from our surplus.  We will not publish this discount this year but will promote it next year.
In summary,

  • 2 or more kids in Travel – 2nd kid and all after will get $300 off tuition
  • 2 or more kids in House or 1 in Travel and 1+ in House – 2nd kid and all after will get $200 off House tuition
Players signing up now for House league will be prorated.

  • Determine and give multi-player discounts (Kevin)
Tuition Bills
Travel tuition was due 10/1.  Kevin sent reminders to families that are not current and has already received some additional payments.
Learn to Skate
We have received some complaints on the Learn to Skate program, and some Board members have observed “not much happening”.  We did not decide on a course of action for this.
South Shore Conference
Things seem to continue to go well in the South Shore Conference, other than some complaints about favoritism by the refs at the Cape games.  The Board agreed the reffing overall and other aspects of the conference are better than in the NVL.  The SSC has published their splits for the division which will take place after December 1.  This is a trial year for the SSC to implement these splits.  Dave will find out when the next game schedules will be published.

  • Find out when next game schedules published (Dave S)
  • Continue to inform Dave of issues / questions (All)
We discussed that our B2 teams (Squirts and PeeWees) are getting smoked in their divisions, and we may have to consider putting the B2 teams in another conference next year (as other programs do with their C teams).  We will discuss this again at the December board meeting.  In the meantime, those teams should consider some C-level tournaments.

  • Add this topic to December board meeting agenda (Chip)
  • Suggest C-level tournaments to those coaches (Jason)
Taunton Brewins
The Taunton Brewins have again proposed merging our 2 programs.  We are not sure what the benefit for us would be, but the Board agreed that we should listen to the proposal.  Todd will ask the President and Treasurer of the Brewins to attend our next board meeting with a proposal.

  • Ask Brewins Pres and Treas to bring proposal to our next board meeting (Todd)
Ken has completed 3-4 weeks of Skills, and the Board was relatively happy with the drills / practice sessions.  The kids are somewhat reluctant as he hasn’t used pucks until this last week, but the program is GREAT for the kids that attend.  We need more player and COACH attendance at the sessions.  Ken is only scheduled for 8 weeks, so we’ll need to decide what to do with Skills after this session.  There was support for asking Ken to do it again, but nothing was decided.

  • Note to coaches on being on the ice for Skills (Chip)
  • Note to program to encourage participation by players at Skills (Chip)
  • Decide Skills after 8 weeks is complete (Board)
Goalie Skills
The first goalie skills session was a great success and got many good reviews.  We have in the budget for (4) more sessions.  Erik is working on a date for the next session.

  • Schedule next goalie skills session (Erik)
Coaching Certificates
All coaches (and ice helpers) should have their CORI forms into Erik and be registered on USA Hockey.  All coaches must be certified and complete the online modules at USA Hockey in order to be able to coach after Dec 31st.  Erik will remind (threaten) the coaches about the online modules.  For the December board meeting, Erik will bring a list of Coach Names, CORI forms complete, On Line Modules complete for us to review before the end of the year.
Miscellaneous Notes

  • We would like to buy a Shooter Tutor for the lock box.  (Chip will get price)
  • We have very minimal practice ice at Taunton during the weekend of Nov 11-13.
  • All coaches should have the old jerseys as a backup set.  Todd will check with Brian Delano of the Squirt B2’s.  If we have extras – can we sell them at the Carnival?  This question was tabled.
 TriCountySaints Board Meeting – September 21, 2011

Attendees:  8 attendees (Will B, Jason R, Bruce L, Joe G, Erik J, Kevin M, Chip M, Gretchen S)
NEXT BOARD MEETING – tentatively scheduled for Monday, October 17th.
House League
Fortunately, we have a ton of kids (65+) for House registered right now, so we need to decide how to split the teams.  There were 2 proposals:

  1. Break the kids out between Mites and Squirts.  Squirts will play 5-on-5 games during 2 hours of ice.  Mites will play two 3-on-3 games on one hour of ice.  This gets the Mites playing 3-on-3 (USA hockey will have Mites play ALL 3-on-3 within 2 years), gives more puck touches and 4 teams can play at once.  Arguments against this were that the Mites like the 5-on-5 and some signed up for House with the understanding of 5-on-5.
  1. The other proposal was to make 6 teams – currently is only 11 skaters per team but we expect more sign-ups in the next couple months.
We will look at the Mite / Squirt + ages in the House and then make a decision by October 15th.
In any case, we will need an extra hour of ice and will work with CDL in Raynham for the Sunday 5pm hour.  Chip will see if we can start that hour the first weekend in November.
With potentially 6 teams, Gretchen will look for another House P-Bruins date.

  • Give Chip the House registrations broken down by age (Kevin)
  • Decide on direction for House by 10/15 (Chip & Board)
  • Secure CDL ice for Sundays at 5pm (Chip)
  • Work on another House P-Bruins date (Gretchen)
SouthShoreConference News
The first week of games in the SSC went well for TCS.  Kevin shared some news from the SSC Director’s meeting:

  • There was a lot of discussion on discipline (Midget fights and Squirt suspensions were brought up) as they’ve happened already.  The SSC stressed that coaches are responsible for kids’ behavior.  The refs will have no problems disciplining coaches this year.
  • The revised Mite schedule has been published.  Also the SSC mentioned that they will be breaking each division (Mite, Squirt, PeeWee) into STRONG and WEAK groups.  Teams can request which one they would like to be put into.  Coaches should work through Dave S to request this ASAP but before Oct 17th.  Dave should send a note to the coaches with this information.
  • The SSC wanted to focus on Rule #19 (spectator behavior) and needs proof that we have communicated this rule to our program.  Chip will do an email on this.
  • Kevin brought an example of a roster to the meeting.  He will give each coach 2 copies (one with addresses, one without) of the roster.  Each kid needs to sign each copy, and signed rosters need to be returned to Kevin as soon as possible.
  • The SSC will need to verify our CORI forms.  We will ask SSC is our own verification is satisfactory and go from there.

  • Email to coaches on requesting strong / weak side of division (Dave S)
  • Email to program on Rule #19 (Chip)
  • Manage roster signings (Kevin)
  • Inquire if our own CORI verification is satisfactory (Dave S)
We discussed the proposal to have Ken Tucker (Ken’s Skate Shop in Mansfield) run the Laura Stamm skating program with our kids during skills.  The Board agreed that Skills would benefit from being professionally run (no knock on Chris, he did a GREAT job), and this is a good way to accomplish that.  The program is 8 weeks long, and coaches are highly encouraged to be on the ice during Skills.  At the end of 8 weeks, we will re-evaluate and create a plan for ongoing Skills.  Bruce will ask Ken if he will do 3 hours on Sundays.  Skills will start on Oct 2nd.  Marc will add this to the schedule staring Oct 2nd – preliminarily Mites / Squirt B! / Squirt B2 at 5:30pm, Squirt A / PW B1 / PW B2 at 6:30pm and PW A / Bantam at 7:30pm.  Chip will email that Skills will be starting then.

  • Coordinate 3 hours on Sunday & starting on Oct 2 with Ken (Bruce)
  • Add Skills to practice schedule starting Oct 2 (Marc)
  • Email program with start date for Skills (Chip)
In addition we mentioned that we could benefit from some professional goalie instruction and believe that we have the interest.  Both Erik and Bruce have contacts for goalie instructors, and they will investigate and report to the board with prices.

  • Investigate goalie instruction / price (Erik, Bruce)
Treasury Report
Mark was unable to make the meeting but updated us on our status.  “We’re in good shape.”
We mentioned that we will likely need to buy (2) more sets of House goalie equipment and goalie neck guards for all the House sets.
Ice Scheduler Report
Marc was unable to attend the meeting, but gave us an update via email:
1. Mites came out yesterday. I will have October schedule done by weekend and November by early next week
2. Coaches need to double check my games for mistakes
3. Please give me sufficient notice for ice you don't want
4. I'm giving out all the ice equitably. If your team doesn't want it, let me know.
5. If we go to 6 House Teams, we will want to find an extra hour of week day ice for January and February

John was unable to attend the meeting but published a summary of all the actions he is working on.  We were impressed with the list but decided that a separate meeting needs to be called to address all the questions / issues.  John can work with Chip to determine how to hold this meeting.  A few items were agreed upon:

  • The Winter Carnival will be the Sunday before Superbowl weekend – need to get that date.
  • We are not able to take on the Texas Hold Em fundraiser at this time.
  • We definitely need someone to coordinate Saints clothing orders.  Chip will send an email asking for a volunteer.
  • Pictures will be the weekend of Nov 5 / 6, coordinated by Joe Gordon.

  • Coordinate with Chip to set up separate fund raiser meeting (John)
  • Email to program looking for volunteer for TCS clothing (Chip)
  • Coordinate pictures (Joe)
There is a meeting on October 6th for coaches of all interested teams.  They must know at this meeting if a team is interested.  They will schedule opponents and then it is up to the 2 teams to work out all of the rest of the details.  TCS doesn’t have too many interested teams, but any coach who is interested can see Kevin for more details.
Tournaments are up to coaches’ discretion.
There is an alternate (beginner) that is skating with the Bantams.  We agreed to a tuition fee of $800 for alternates.

 TriCountySaints Board Meeting – August 2, 2011

Attendees:  11 attendees (Will B, Mike P, Chip M, David S, Jason R, Kevin Mc, Joe G, Marc M, Bruce L, Chris B, Gretchen S)
Team Jerseys
Jason has ordered new jerseys from PopTop Sports for all teams due in by Sept 1 (Midgets earlier), and they look AWESOME.  They are red, and we will use the old jerseys as our backup jerseys in case of color conflicts.  Todd will assess the state of our old jerseys to distribute to teams.  Dave S will determine how many other red teams are in the league at the next SSC Director’s meeting.  There are (18) shirts per set, and we purchased them at a cost of $66 per shirt.
We are also able to purchase canvas jersey bags at a cost of $600 for 10 bags.  We have 6-7 bags currently but will likely need to purchase more.  Todd will assess the number of jersey bags that we have.
Other notes:

  • The jerseys will not have kids’ names on the back and the jersey design does not let names be put on.  This was done intentionally.  This will help convey the theme of “teamwork” and help in getting the jerseys returned at the end of the season.
  • We agreed that coaches would be responsible for the management of their team’s jerseys – including assigning numbers and return at the end of the year.

  • Dave S to determine how many other red teams in SSC
  • Todd to assess number of jersey bags & determine if we need more
  • Todd to assess and distribute old jerseys for backups for color conflicts.
Ice Time
Our practice ice time at Alexio begins on Monday, Aug 22nd.  Marc is working on a schedule to ensure that Midgets get practice ice before their season starts on Aug 26th.  PeeWees & Squirts will begin games on Sept 16th, and Mites will begin games on October 1st.
We have also received practice ice time from SSC at Alexio and Bridgewater on Aug 27, Sept 3, 4, 10.
We have been made an offer by the Raynham CDL rink for additional ice.  The times are Wednesdays at 7 & 8pm at a cost of $285.  Dates are Sept 1 – Nov 23and March 1 – Apr 30.  We are very interested in the Fall ice and would like to determine if we can afford the extra ice (to accommodate our extra teams).  Jason will check on the possibility of only accepting the Fall ice, and Mark O will determine if we have the funds to commit to the additional ice.

  • Discuss only taking the Fall ice with the CDL rink (Jason)
  • Determine if the league can afford the additional ice (Mark O)
Coaches / Coaches Meeting
Erik will hold a coaches’ meeting during the week of Aug 22nd (likely Wed Aug 24th) at the Alexio Rink.  Prior to that meeting, Erik will send an email with some topic reminders to the coaches to communicate with their teams (ice time start up, USA Hockey numbers, coach USA hockey numbers.)    Chip will send a message to the entire TCS community with the announcement of the upcoming season.  Erik will bring CORI forms to the coaches meeting.
Topcis for the Coaches meeting include:

  • Introductory email – all coaches should have sent one by now & an email on USA hockey numbers
  • CORI forms – all coaches need to complete one & bring copy of liscense
  • All kids must have USA hockey numbers to Kevin
  • The lock box & its contents & guidelines
  • Management of jerseys, pucks & puck bags
  • SSC rules on coaching certificates / levels – adding coach numbers to rosters
  • Code of Conduct – good coaching practices – warnings & discipline for coaches that are not upholding the standards of TCS
  • Important SSC dates (see next section)
  • Checking clinic for Bantams on Sept 10
  • Picking a team parent / manager early in the season

  • Erik to schedule Coaches meeting during week of Aug 22nd – probably the 24th
  • Erik to send email to coaches to
    • Let them know ice time start up
    • Let them know coaching USA hockey numbers are required on rosters
    • Encourage them to send email to the teams with start dates & request for USA hockey numbers
  • Erik to bring CORI forms to Coaches meeting
  • Chip to send season start-up announcement to TCS community
Dave will attend the SSC Director’s meeting on August 22nd.  He will be given our game schedule at that meeting and then will be able to distribute that at the coaches meeting.
Important SSC dates coming up:

  • Aug 22 – SSC Director’s Meeting
  • Aug 26 – Short Season Midget teams begin play
  • Sept 6 – Coaches meeting in Bourne
  • Sept 7 – Coaches meeting in Randolph
  • Sept 9 – Midget Full season begins
  • Sept 10 – Bantam checking clinic
  • Sept 11 – Bantams begin play
  • Sept 16 – PeeWees, Squirts begin play
  • Sept 19 – SSC Director’s Meeting
  • Oct 1 – Mites begin play
Equipment & Lock Box
The current House goalie leg pads are not acceptable and have been discarded.  Joe has checked Second Time Around Sports, but they don’t have anything.  Todd should order (4) sets of House goalie pads for $139 on Hockey Monkey.
We determined that the lock box will hold the majority of pucks for practices.  Coaches will be given a water bottle caddy with slots for game pucks and game pucks.  At the end of the last practice of the night, the coaches should return the pucks (and cones, etc) to the lock box.
Will has completed the lock box to the point of needing paint and will transfer it to Mike Perry for the painting.
The 4’x 2’x 2’lock box will hold practice pucks, cones, goalie targets, etc and will be key-locked.  The equipment manager should check the box periodically to ensure the supplies are still adequate.
We discussed the possibility of buying goalie covers for the goals and keeping those in the lock box as well.  Todd will buy goalie covers.

  • Todd to order (4) sets of House goalie leg pads & goalie covers for nets
  • Chip to order water bottle / puck caddies for coaches
  • Will to transfer lock box to Mike Perry
  • Mike to paint lockbox
Treasurer’s Report – deferred to next meeting
We were contacted by the company that did our pictures last year.  Everyone was satisfied with the pictures last year, so we agreed to contract the same company on the same conditions as last year.  Joe will coordinate this.  Also, we discussed an additional picture fundraising involving photographers taking action shots at several of each team’s games and creating a disk of pix for each team.  Then parents can buy this disk of pictures.  We would do this in addition to our traditional pictures and probably during the 2nd half of the season.  Joe will investigate this.
We were contacted by Paul Cottam with a proposal for a Texas Hold ‘Em fundraiser.  We were open to this idea but need to get more information.  First, we need to determine our non-profit status and if we are eligible to hold this kind of fundraiser.  Then, we need more information about the legitimacy of the fundraiser and the logistics involved.  Mark O’Brien will confirm our status and speak with Will about it.  Will will check on the fundraising details (he’s familiar with this kind of fundraiser) and then get in touch with John Joyce, our fundraising coordinator.
We discussed that we’d like to get started now on coordinating TCS clothing for sale.  We get many inquiries about clothing (especially for holiday gifts), and we haven’t done a great job of making this available for the program.  Gretchen will speak with John Joyce about him starting to coordinate this.  We are able to do this through PopTop Sports, George at the Foxboro Rink or other companies.

  • Joe to coordinate traditional pictures with company from last year
  • Joe to investigate additional pictures with a team CD of pix as a goal
  • Mark O to determine non-profit status for Texas Hold ‘Em Fundraiser
  • Will to investigate details of Texas Hold ‘Em & communicate with John Joyce
  • Gretchen to discuss TCS clothing with John Joyce
House League Transition
Chip will be the House League Director for the coming year.  He and Gretchen will meet to discuss any transition items that need to be taken care of.  We will start the House league the weekend after Labor Day.  Marc is concerned that we will not be able to consistently hold the Friday 6pm practice slot for the House.  He will schedule the 2 hours of practice ice on Fri / Sat and 2 hours of game time on Sundays.
Mite 3-on-3 Game Requirment
The Mites are required to play 3-on-3 games at the beginning of their season.  We will use practice ice time to do this.  We would like to coordinate doing this with some of the House team kids and use some of the House Sunday ice for this.  We would do buzzer hockey for this.  Joe, Gretchen, Chip and Bruce will coordinate this as the season starts up.
LTS / LTP and Skills
We discussed starting up the LTS/LTP sessions on Oct 1st.  We need to confirm with Folin and Carr that they are committed to this.  Kevin will reach out to them.  We agreed that the House kids would again have a reduced tuition for these sessions if they’d like to attend.
We had some discussion about the breakup of teams for the Skills sessions on Sunday nights.  We will continue to discuss this until the Skills start up in early October.  We also spent time on how to incorporate the House kids into the Skills sessions.
Gretchen submitted announcements in many papers for 2 weeks in July and will repeat that for 2 weeks in August.  She will also contact the school systems for approval to distribute flyers.

  • Gretchen to contact schools about flyer distribution
Marc has changed the password for administrative log-in on the website.  Each board member / coach will get a unique password appropriate to their responsibilities.  Board members should contact Marc for their password.  Marc will need a list of the Board of Directors (Gretchen to forward) and Coaches (Kevin will forward).
Marc has tried numerous times to get the credit card payment access to work with no progress.  He is asking for help with this.  Mark O needs to call Marc M to coordinate this, and Bruce is willing to help as well.

  • Gretchen to forward Board of Directors list to Marc
  • Kevin to forward Coahces list to Marc
  • Marc to distribute passwords as applicable
  • Mark O to call Marc M to work out credit card issues with Bruce as well
Other Hockey Activities
We discussed State Tournament Play Downs and if we want to be involved in this during the season.  The board was positivie about some of our teams participating.  Dave S will get more information on this.
We also discussed Mini 1-on-1’s.  Information will be forwarded to Kevin and Dave S as these events come up.

  • Dave S to get more information on Play Downs

Tri County Saints Board Meeting – June 20, 2011

Attendees:  13 attendees (John J, Will B, Chris B, Joe G, Chip M, Todd S, Erik J, Kevin M, Mike P, Mark O, Michael Z, Jason R, Gretchen S)
Team Jerseys
Lengthy discussion was held on how to resolve our current situation with team jerseys.  Many solutions were offered, and the conclusions are as follows:
  • TCS will buy one new set of jerseys for each team this year.
  • Jason R and Mark O will negotiate with PopTop Sports for the best price on the shirts based on what the organization can afford– current pricing is ~$90 per shirt. 
  • We will choose a color scheme that is predominantly red in order to minimize the times we will conflict with another team’s jerseys.
  • We will not put kids’ names on the back of the jerseys.
  • We will investigate the costs of shirt bags as well.
  • We need a final decision on this by the next board meeting to place the initial order in time for the season.
In addition to new jerseys, we need an accurate assessment of the current jerseys.  These jerseys will be used as the alternate set of jerseys when color conflicts happen during a game.  For the teams without a set of alternate jerseys, pinnies will be purchased.  In order to access the shirts, Kevin will give Todd a list of last year’s teams and coaches and this year’s teams and coaches.  Todd will evaluate the shirts and report at the next board meeting on the status of the shirts.
Other comments:
  • We agreed that coaches would be responsible for the management of their team’s jerseys – including return at the end of the year.
  • We agreed that if the parents on one particular team want to get together to buy an alternate jersey, that is acceptable.
·         Jason and Mark to negotiate with PopTop Sports relative to what the organization can afford.
·         Kevin will provide a list of teams and coaches from 2010-11 and 2011-12 to Todd for jersey assessment.
·         Todd will assess our current jerseys based on the team lists.
The current House goalie leg pads are not acceptable and have been discarded.  Todd has found pads for $139 on Hockey Monkey and can buy (4) sets.  Before making that purchase, Joe Gordon will check Second Time Around sports for any pads.  Joe will do this within the next 2 weeks and let Todd know.  The leg pads must be 20”.
We also need (2) additional puck bags for the additional teams this year.  Todd will buy these.
Will Benoit is providing a lock box at the Taunton Rink, and Mike Perry will add the TCS logo.  This project should be completed by August 15th.  We agreed that a combination lock is the way to go with the lock box.
·         Joe to check Second Time Around sports for (4) sets of House goalie leg pads (20”).
·         If Joe not able to find pads, Todd to order from Hockey Monkey
·         Todd to buy (2) additional puck bags
·         Will & Mike to complete lock box project by Aug 15
Transition Email – Topics for Coaches’ Meeting
We spent time talking about several subjects related to the transition into the new year and items that coaches need to know.  These included:
  • Introductory email – all coaches should have sent one by now
  • The lock box & its contents
  • Management of jerseys
  • Pucks & puck bags
  • SSC rules on coaching certificates / levels
  • Code of Conduct – good coaching practices – warnings & discipline for coaches that are not upholding the standards of TCS
  • SSC Coaches meetings in Sept
Chip will send out an email with reminders on many of these topics.  Erik will make a list of coaching topics and set up a Coaches’ Meeting for early August.
·         Chip will send out email reminders to coaches
·         Erik will create list of coaching topics and set up meeting for coaches in early August
Kevin and Dave attended the SSC meeting, and Dave sent an email with a schedule of events.  Highlights:
USA Hockey has voted for no checking in the PeeWee division this year.  This does NOT eliminate body contact.  There is an informative email on the USA Hockey website that gives examples of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.  PeeWee coaches should view these videos.
All of our Bantam players are required to attend an SSC checking clinic.  This is tentatively scheduled for Sept 10th at Asiaf.
Aug 22 – SSC Director’s Meeting
Aug 26 – Short Season Midget teams begin play
Sept 6 – Coaches meeting in Bourne
Sept 7 – Coaches meeting in Randolph
Sept 9 – Midget Full season begins
Sept 10 – Bantam checking clinic
Sept 11 – Bantams begin play
Sept 16 – PeeWees, Squirts begin play
Sept 19 – SSC Director’s Meeting
Oct – Mites begin play
Ice Time
We are buying one more hour per week than last year at the Taunton Rink (8:30pm on Sun night), and the Midgets have agreed to use that hour.  With 2 additional teams over last year, we’re still short 1 hour of practice time.  We agreed to wait to see what happens with the new league at Raynham.  If that league is not as successful as planned, Raynham may have some extra ice that we can purchase.
Treasurer’s Update
Mark gave a brief overview of our financials (~$5000 carry over), but our fiscal year ends on June 30th.  Mark will close the books on this date and have a detailed summary and projected budget at the next board meeting.
Mark needs Gretchen to sign a statement documenting the new board.  Mark will give Gretchen the form he used last year, and she’ll return it to him.
·         Mark to give financial report at next board meeting.
·         Mark to give Gretchen sample of document for new board
·         Gretchen to complete, sign and return to Mark
Miscellaneous / Actions
  • No one was sure if Dave B has contacted the Midgets about who is on what team.  Kevin McC will contact Dave to encourage him to do so.
  • We discussed the possibility of advertising in the rink but tabled this idea until we see our financial statement.
  • Gretchen will do newspaper advertisements in mid-July and mid-August for LTS/LTP, House and Travel spots.
  • We need a link to the SSC on our website.  Gretchen will let Marc know about this.
  • At the last meeting, we agreed that new kids coming into Travel would start at the lowest level and could be moved up if warranted.
  • Chip will schedule the next board meeting in mid to late July.
Note:  Gretchen is still having trouble getting the meeting minutes onto the website.  In the meantime, she will email them minutes to the board members.


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