The Tri County Saints are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality and affordable hockey in a positive environment from Learn-To-Skate through Midget for Mansfield, Easton, Norton, Foxboro, Taunton, Lakeville, Dighton, and surrounding town

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COVID-19 Information Continues to evolve, check back here for Updates.


If any TCS participant (player or coach) or a member of their household (parent, child, sibling, etc.)…

  • Is showing any signs of COVID-19 symptoms, please DO NOT attend any TCS events.
  • Is awaiting COVID-19 test results, please DO NOT attend any TCS events
  • Received a positive test result for COVID-19, the participant may not attend any TCS events until they have completed their order to isolate/quarantine based on the guidance from the BOH or contact tracing partner.  (no less than 10 day quarantine)
  • Travel outside of MA, please adhere to the Commonwealth's Current Travel Order found here:

TCS Quarantine Requirements:  

For any participant who tests positive, or is considered close contact, TCS will require a minimum of a 10 day quarantine.  You will also need to follow CDC and Local BOH’s guidance for any quarantine or order to isolate that is extended beyond the ten days.  We will not be using negative test results as a way to reduce the quarantine time.

If a player or coach tests positive, or is considered a close contact to someone who has, it’s important that you reach out to Susie Campbell,  the COVID Safety Director for TCS. (Call/text 781-775-5525 or  ) as soon as you receive the information. She will work to outline any required quarantine from hockey and impact to the team through contact tracing.

We truly appreciate your diligence and know it will take our entire community to get through this.


TCS Board



In an effort to create a safe environment for Tri-County Saints Youth Hockey members as we return to the rinks, the TCS Board of Directors has identified a Covid safety official to oversee the execution of the state guidance on COVID-19 safety protocols. These guidelines will be followed by all members of TCS in Phase 3, Step 1 of the State of Massachusetts reopening plan while participating in any TCS activity at any rink.   TCS will update all guidelines if and when we enter Phase 3, Step 2 and beyond as additional information becomes available. 

TCS Covid Safety Official:  Susie Campbell  ( ; 781-775-5525 call/text)


11/06/2020: Massachusetts has issued new guidance for Youth Sports Activities. The Safety Standards can be found here.

Rinks are set to open on 11/7, following a 2 week pause. The rinks are working to update all of their protocols to align with the guidance from the state, so we recommend you check back here on the COVID-19 tab (Rink Protocols) to stay current with each rink you will be in.

As a reminder - It's up to all of us to do our part and follow the guidance at all times. These restrictions are in place to to protect our skaters, our families, and our communities. It doesn't matter whether you agree with all of the rules, we ALL must follow them if we want hockey to continue during the pandemic.

Here is a summary the changes that will be coming as the rinks reopen.

1. Rinks will be closing by 9:30 PM. While this isn't part of the guidance for Youth Sports, it applies to most venues and activies across the Commonwealth.

2. No out of state teams or players will be allowed to particpate in MA-based events held at MA-based facilities. Any Massachusetts based athlete that chooses to leave the state to particpate in a sports event must comply with the COVID-10 Travel Order issued by the Commonwealth before returning to work, school or any public events. Any MA based team that chooses to leave the state to participate in a sport event or any facility/program that hosts an out-of-state team at a MA facility or allows an out-of-state player to particpate on a MA-based team risks facility closure or suspension of practices and/or games.

3. Spectators have been increased from 1 to 2 parents / guardians and siblings of the participant up to 50% total occupant capacity of the rink. These spectator family units must socially distance together and remain 6' apart from other individuals or family units. They must also wear face coverings at all times on the property. Note that some program organizers or facilities may institute a reduced or no spectator policy, and you will need to abide by the rules in place in the rinks you will be playing in.

4. Face coverings are now REQUIRED for all participants and spectators at all times in the rink. Please refer to this information on appropriate face coverings from the CDC (including guidance that face covering should have 2 or more layers, so some gaiters will need to be folded over to achieve this): Face coverings

5. Contact / checking is now allowed in hockey pursuant to the standard USAH or league rules govering the program. (For TCS/SSC; Midgets will begin checking on 11/7; Bantams will begin 11/13).

6. Team Rooms / Locker rooms will be closed until further notice. Skaters should arrive at the rink dressed, and utilize the assigned area of the rink to tie skates (if needed).

7. Contact tracing will be required, so be prepared to share information upon arrival to the rink.

8. Tournaments are still not allowed.

9. Transportation to rinks should be limited to immediate family members. If carpooling or otherwise traveling with a non-family member is required, all passengers must wear face coverings.

10. Congregating / socializing in the common areas of the facility is prohibited.

11. Absolutely no tail-gaiting or social gathering is allowed on the grounds or parking lot of the facilities.

12. Enforcement of these rules may include fines or suspension of activities for participants / teams / programs / rinks.

A few other reminders:

1. "Quarantine" means to cease playing the sport and isolate from others. It DOES NOT mean cease playing for a team but it's ok to play for another team or at another rink.

2. Physical distancing (6') is required at all times including on the player benches.

3. Face coverings are requries at all times inside AND outside while at the rink

4. The ice is still considered a larger playing surface and therefore may have two separate cohorts of up to 25 participants practice at one time so long as they are at least 14' apart and there is no crossover between the cohorts.